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Meet Luz!

After spending about an hour on the beach we came up with these fantastic images. I really liked how they turned out.

Portrait professional - Beach photoshoot

Photography portfolios - With pointe shoes

Model photo portfolios - Like Russian Ballerina?

Doesn't she really look like a Russian ballerina?

Creative photography - Luz artistic photoshoot

Creative photographer - Like Anna Karenina

For some reason she also reminds me of Anna Karenina... No, there was no train in the picture, neither in our minds!

Photo portrait studio - On the grass Portrait professional - Luz photo session

Portrait photo - Color photo

I cannot really decide which one- color or black and white... I love them both...

Photographer portraits - Black and White

 Outdoor photography portraits - With the yellow leaf Professional portrait photography - The yellow leaf photo of Luz

The makeup for this photoshoot is done by a talented makeup artist- Maria Lopez.

© 2008 Art Vision Studio