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Eriko is a beautiful and a very impressive model from Japan. She is going to rock and become a STAR for sure!

Portrait professional - Eriko Photoshoot in Stamford Portrait photography posing - Stylized Photoshoot in Stamford

One of the beauties of the Stylized or as I also call it Artistic Portraiture is that it is always a story captured in one single image. And the success of a good resulted photograph usually depends on the collaboration between the model and the photographer. This is why I always like to meet or simply see photos of my models before the actual Stylized Portraiture photoshoot.

Photography portfolios - Model Photoshoot in Connecticut

I really like portraiture - as its so creative! I always love to come up with different ideas for the photoshoot and discuss it with my models before the shoot. We love to get many ideas flowing and then come up with something unexpected.

Photographic portraits - Eriko Artistic Portraiture in Fairfield county

Photographs portraits - Portraiture in Stamford

Photo portraits - Eriko Photo session

Professional portraits - Japanese Beauty

This photoshoot is one of my most favorites!I was very satisfied with the results - the final images reminded me of some kind of a beautiful fairy tale...

Photographers portraits - My favorite photo!

Portrait photography - Connecticut Model Photoshoot Professional photography - With a bird cage

Model photo portfolios - Traveling?

Professional portraits - My outdoors photo studio in Fairfield county!

Portrait photography posing - Eriko fashion photoshoot

Portrait professional - With the mask

The makeup is done by a fantastic makeup artist Maria Lopez. For the makeup rates- please check the packages page.

Professional photographer - Eriko headshot

Portrait photo - Wearing a mask

Professional portraits - Can fish fly?

Posing for portrait photography - A portrait of Eriko leaning on the wall Portrait photography Connecticut - A portrait of Eriko

Creative photography - A portrait of Eriko

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