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Casey. Artistic Portraiture. 01/23/09

A relatively warm day. 40F- yay! Let's shoot!

Professional photography - Casey Vintage Style headshot

For some reason anything "Retro" - is very inspirational for me. And so - another vintage photo session, this time with Casey. Look at her - how beautiful she is!

Photographic portraits - Retro inspired portrait

Photographers portraits - Vintage headshot - color

Again, same dilemma... Color or Black and White?!

Professional photography - Vintage headshot - black and white

Photo portraits - Casey headshot

Well, the spring is in the air! I guess this is why I suddenly came to the idea of the photos below.

Portrait photography - Maslenitsa headshot portrait

"Maslenitsa" - is an old Russian tradition of celebrating the Spring coming! This very colorful and joyful holiday is celebrated for 7 days and accompanied by different fun traditions like baking pancakes, snowball fights and masquerades...

Portrait photography posing - Russian  Maslenitsa in Stamford, Connecticut

Photographer portraits - Russian style photoshoot in Stamford, CT

Casey with the Russian "pretzels" :)

Photo studio - Casey with russian pretzels

Studio portraits - Artistic Photoshoot in Stamford Portrait photography - Casey - the model

Professional photography - Russian inspired photoshoot in Stamford Photo studio - Casey headshot

The makeup for this photoshoot is done by Maria Lopez. For rates please check the packages page.

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