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Holbox island - Mexico, travel photography

I usually dont do personal blogs, neither I am a travel photographer. I even find travel photography quite challenging and so I usually end up taking iphone photos and putting it on my personal Instagram or Facebook page to share with my family and friends. However since we moved to Mexico I have started taking a lot of photos like this, again, this is not my cup of tea and I would rather enjoy photographing what I do best- themed stylized portraits of children and their parents. But with the move my lifestyle have changed as well, and while I am still adjusting to it and traveling a lot I take my camera along to all of the trips we go to.
And I am in love with Mexico-so diverse, colorful, inspirational and photogenic- that I cannot keep all this beauty to myself. So this is my first personal travel blog post. I am so guilty of having lots and lots of images from the most gorgeous places still on memory cards..hopefully I will start slowly bringing them to life and posting here.

Holbox- a little beautiful island, that in Mayan means "black hole"- was long ago settled by pirates and now to my despair becoming very touristy. It is a part of the Yum Balam Reserve and is home to different species of birds including flamingos and pelicans and migrating during summer months Whale Sharks.
It has the most unbelievable water color,and you just walk and walk to the infinity, such indescribable feeling of happiness!

Holbox island - Travel photography by Art Vision Studio
 Mexico, Holbox island - Mexico travel photographer
Childrens photographer in Playa del Carmen - Mexico travel photography
Hammocks in the water - Mexico, Holbox island photos
American childrens photographer traveling in Mexico- Caribbean sea photography

I also love walking the sandy streets of the town of Holbox. So much beautiful wall art. Love coming again and again to descover new works!

Ballena tiburon wall art - Town of Holbox wall art
Town of Holbox - Little Caribbean island photography
Town of Holbox isla wall art - Mexico, town of Holbox
Mexico travel photography - Island Holbox photos
Streets of a Caribbean island of Holbox- Mexico travel photographer
Streets of Holbox island - Travel photographer inMexico
Pelican wall art in Holbox - Cozy Caribbean island photography
Living on the island - Mexican island photos
Island hopping by by Art Vision Studio - Island life photos
Mexico travel photos - American photographer in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Holbox island photos - Travel photography by Art Vision Studio
Holbox island photos - Travel photographer
The island life - Holbox island street photography
Wall art on the island - Mexico travel photographer
Streets of Holbox island- American children photographer in Mexico
Town of Holbox island - Mexican travel photography
Holbox lifestyle photos - Holbox island life
Mexican travel photography by Art Vision Studio - American childrens photographer traveling in Mexico
Holbox island -Mexico travel photographer
The streets of the Holbox town - The islands life photos
Street Art in Mexico - American kids photographer travels in Mexico
 The life of the island - Playa del Carmen travel photographer
White Shark wall arts in Holbox - Art Vision Studio, the travel photographer

This is my most favorite one by Jade.

Street Art in Holbox - Art Vision Studio travel photography
Street Art in Holbox island - Travel photos by Art Vision Studio
Mexico travel photographer -The island life
The town of Holbox -Mexico travel photography by Art Vision Studio
Paradise on earth - Isla Holbox photos
Island living photography - Coconuts of Holbox island
Holbox wildlife - Mexico travel photogrpaher
Crab in kids hands - American kids photographer in Riviera Maya
Childrens photographer on Holbox Island - Kids by Art Vision Studio in Mexico
Caribbean sea photos - Holbox island photos

These eyes!!!

Wildlife in Mexico - A huge seasnail photo of Holbox island
Living on the island - Mexico travel photography
The life on the island - Mexico, Yucatan peninsula photos
The life of the island - American kids photographer in Mexico

Oh the flamingos! We have been looking for them all the time we were on the island last time, and only right before we left, suddenly, I first heard them and then saw! So elegant, with a few yongsters they were walking alongside the shore. Unfortunately I didnt have my long lens with me and this is the closest I could get to them, but it still was so surreal having them so close!!!!

Flamingos on Holbox - The wildlife of Mexico
Holbox Island birds - Yum Balan Reserve photos
Pelicans of Holbox island - Mexico travel photographer
Sunset on the island photo - The sunset over Holbox
Blue hour over the island - Caribbean island photos by Art Vision Studio
Sunset over the island - Travel photography by Art Vision Studio
Sunset over isla Holbox - Sunset photography Mexico
Sunset over Caribbean island -Sunset photography
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