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Toddler L. photo session - Stamford, CT children photographer

I love photographing children, it is a lot of fun seeing and capturing them in their element, doing their own thing.
Being a toddler photographer you learn to be very quick because toddler photography is also a race, sprint running with a camera in hands. It does change after they turn 5-6 years old and start to cooperate better and actually get interested in the shoot, but before that we all run!

And so did we all during the photoshoot for this adorable 2 year old boy L.
Toddler L was running because he simply had better ideas of how to spend the time, L's parents were running, chasing him, trying to catch L and pose him in front of my camera and I was running because I was trying to get THE SHOT.
Pretty good exercise!

Toddler photographer in Stamford, CT - Black and white kids photography
Fairfield county baby photographer - Toddler boy with ballons
Stamford Connecticut children photographer - Toddler boy with ballons

Adore these series with the origami boats! Baby L in his own little world, very busy.

Children photography in Stamford, CT - Conceptual baby photography
 Fairfield county,CT kids photography - Toddler boy themed photography
 Baby photographer in Stamford, CT - Themed toddler photography in Stamford
 CT, Fairfield county baby photographer - Summer photoshoot for a boy

And this is my favorite shot of the day!

Connecticut children photographer - Fine art children photography in Stamford, Connecticut
Kids photographer in Stamford, CT - Boy with origami boats at the beach photo
 Children portrait photographer in CT - Toddler boy portraiture in Stamford
Greenwich CT children photographer - boy posing by the rocks

How adorable is this baby in his cute little outfit?

Family photographer in Greenwich, CT - Portrait of a boy in a hat
Lifestyle baby photographer in Greenwich, Connectucut - Black and white toddler portrait
Children photographer in Stamford, CT - Portrait of a boy in a hat
Greenwich, CT baby photographer - Children photoshoot ideas
Black and white children portraiture in Connectucut - Artistic baby photography in Stamford
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