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Once upon a time in Yerevan

Once upon a time I was in Yerevan and met a gorgeous Armenian-Russian model who also happened to be in Yerevan at the same time as I did! And guess what we did? Exactly! We had a photo shoot!

Loving the old Yerevan and all what is left of it we have decided to shoot in the few of the old neighborhoods that you still can find in the very heart of the city.

Photoshoot in the old Yerevan-Editorial photographer from Stamford, CT
 Old Yerevan storytelling photoshoot-Stamford CT editorial photographer
 Portraiture in Yerevan, Armenia-Armenian photographer in the US
 Portraiture in Yerevan, Armenia-Armenian-American photographer
Photoshoot in Yerevan-Editorial photographer in Stamford,CT
Portraiture photographer in Yerevan, Armenia- Editorial photographer in Stamford, CT
Old Yerevan photography-Armenian-American photographer in Stamford CT
Photoshoot in old Yerevan neighborhoods- Creative photography in Yerevan
Armenian-American portrait photographer in Yerevan,Armenia-Natural light photographer
Editorial photographer in Yerevan, Armenia- Natural light photographer
Editorial portraiture in Yerevan, Armenia-Conceptual photographer in Stamford CT
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