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Being sweet is a full time job!

She is very fashionable.

She likes to dress up. She likes all those bright colors. She likes to wear hats. She likes to put flowers in her hair. She likes her little purse where she keeps her sunglasses. She likes to read this tiny line that is printed on her sunglasses: Being sweet is a full time job!

She repeats it, looks at me and smiles.

Photoshoot in the old Yerevan
 Old Yerevan storytelling photoshoot
 Portraiture in Yerevan, Armenia
 Portraiture in Yerevan, Armenia
Photoshoot in Yerevan
Portraiture photographer in Yerevan, Armenia
Old Yerevan photography
Photoshoot in old Yerevan neighborhoods
Armenian-American portrait photographer in Yerevan,Armenia
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