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Ballerina and the City

Yerevan is an old and a beautiful city. A photographer's paradise! Everything here says: old. Translate that to photographer's terminology and that means: photogenic!
Alla is a professional ballet dancer and a gorgeous model who was such a pleasure to work with!

Editorial ballet photography in Yerevan- Stylized photoshoot in Armenia Ballerina photoshoot in Yerevan- Dance photography in Armenia
Ballerina and the city - Ballerina in everyday life situations Ballerina and the city - Ballerina in everyday life situations
Portraits by Art Vision Studio- Stamford CT portraiture photography
Ballerina stylized portraiture- Ballet photographer in Stamford CT
Fine art photograher in Stamford - Conceptual portraiture photography
Ballerina and the City photoshoot in Yerevan, Armenia - Stylized portraiture photography
Ballet and fashion photoshoot- Stamford natural light photographer
Ballet on the streets photoshoot - Dance photographer in Stamford CT
Fashion portraiture -Artistic portraiture photographer in Stamford CT
Stamford vintage style photograhy - Retro photography in Stamford CT

And a little bit of a vintage feel in the images below!

Editorial retro photography in Yerevan, Armenia- Stamford themed photoshoot photographer

Like both images in color and in black and white.. cant decide which one, so Im posting both here:

Black and white retro inspired photograhy in Stamford - Stamford editorial photographer
Model photography with a theme - Stamford CT retro style photographer
Stylized portraiture in Yerevan -Editorial photographer from Stamford
Artistic model photoshoot in Armenia - Armenian photographer in Stamford
Editorial portraiture in Yerevan - Armenian photographer in Stamford CT
Illustrative portraiture - Stamford ballet photographer

These beautiful murals are paintied by children from an orphanage- this is how we were told by the locals- they also told us that the wall would be completed sometimes in September 2011, as only one half of it was painted then. I suppose by the time of my next visit to Yerevan there will be more of this amazing art.

Ballet in the streets of Yerevan - Stamford ballet photographer
Retro styled portraits photography - 1930s fashion inspired photo shoot
Retro stylied ballerina photography - Ballet in the streets

I particularly like this image- it's kind of flirty and fun! She is walking down the streets of red brick churches and mini trees and singing dreamy birds- doesn't it really feel like a fairytale?

Fun ballerina photos - Stamford CT model photographer
Black and white model headshot - Glamorous woman in a hat

This image wasn't in our plans but somehow my model was wearing this gorgeous hat and I happened to have the mini Eiffel tower {Paris- is a totally different story that has such a big place in my heart}

Paris inspired portraiture photoshoot - Paris inspired styled photo
Model headshot - Stamford model photographer

And from this vantage point you can see the panorama of Yerevan with the Biblical Mount Ararat on the background.

Ballerina and the city - Ballet photographer in Yerevan
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