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My wonderful vintage prop

This is a well known fact that I do not like shooting at beautiful locations, parks, lush interiors etc.. I love junk yards. Yes I do! Somehow it is so inspirational and the photos coming out are so textured, so creative...
Or maybe the contrast of the beautiful model and the poor environment does it, I don't know- but I do love all kinds of terrible {from one point of view }locations.
Anyhow, so if you have noticed I have photographed old broken rattan couches, chairs, barrels, old cars..
Old cars- that is.

Professional photography in Stamford- Vintage props for photography

Well.. this is why I am so frustrated today as just yesterday my most favorite prop of all shoots is gone. The old antique Cadillac, that had been sitting there for almost a decade or even longer, was sold yesterday... sigh.. Vintage shoots, what could have been better than that car? Better than all this vintage clothing, hats, veils and feathers.. What could have better brought you to the right era?
Gone now...

Vintage portraiture photographer- Stylized portraiture in Stamford
Artistic photography session-Portraiture photographer in CT

Sure for someone it was just an old piece of junk, sitting there and using up one more so essential parking spot.. But I loved just to look at it, or touch it every time I was heading somewhere and passing by .. I had planned so more for that beautiful car this season, thinking I haven't used it yet enough... Well, well, well.. gone.

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