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Vintage style photoshoot

Didn't you know yet how much I love anything vintage? And vintage style photographs more than anything?!
Well. Look at these images below.

Vintage fashion portraiture - Editorial photoshoot

I have a big collection of old clothes and props, most of them belonged to my family, to my grandparents. So every time I travel home I come back with a suitcase full of this stuff...
For example this fur belonged to my grandmother and the camera- to my grandfather (too bad it doesn't work anymore, but still looks good, doesn't it?)

Fashion editorial - Vintage fashion

I particularly fancy the second look. When my model - Tracy, changed into these clothes, I realized that we just have to go to the train station! Her look just screams: I am travelling!

Artistic portraiture - Sitting on the bench

And so we did.

Published photographer - Editorial photoshoot in Stamford Vintage fashion photographer - editorial photographer

As it turned to be it was not allowed to photograph on the tracks- of course, there are trains running there, what did we think? LOL
But we were granted 5 minutes by the train station officials to finish these.

Retro style fashion - Model photoshoot in New York
Vintage style photoshoot - Image in color Vintage style photoshoot - Image in black and white
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