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October photo shoot with Jing

My fave shot from this session with Jing. I dont like giving names to my images, but this one I called "Violin Concerto in A minor, BWV 1041 "

Editorial shoot - playing violin

It is almost perfect: the location, the light and the model!

Editorial fashion photography - photoshoot in Stmaford

Talking about the location. Ha! I am practically shooting from the ocean, and Jing is standing where it is usually covered by water. But it was a low tide and we were able to do it.

The light. The best time of the day, the golden hour. Can you see how beautiful are the light and the colors? This is how it came out of the camera, almost no manipulation, except for some cropping and sharpening, that's all! Voila!!!

The model. Jing. Beautiful. Very professional. Pleasure to work with.

Artistic portraiture- Model with pomegranate

She looks like an ancient goddess in this image... Love it...

Portraiture photography - artistic portraiture

And some more images from that day. Same model. Different look.

Fashion editorial- editorial photography in Stamford,CT
Photography studio - A portrait with strawberries

Jing with Charles. Isn't he adorable?:)

Fashion photoshoot - Posing with the dog Fashion photoshoot on location -A portrait of two

Makeup by our very own Maria Lopez.

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