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Rustic Chic photo shoot

I have been planning this photoshoot for a pretty long time now. Just waiting for a right model and here she is: meet Ludmila. She is originally from Ukraine and this is her first photo shoot ever. Would you believe it by looking at these photographs?

Fashion model - Model with a floating flower
Model portfolios - Ludmila with a watering can
Glamour photography - Ludmila posing with a watering can and flowers
Professional portrait photography - Model posing with flowers
Models portfolios - Editorial photo of Ludmila
Glamour photography - Model and red flower

We met several times before the shoot to do some shopping for the photo session and make sure we were on the same page with the clothing and the entire photo session styling. I already had a perfect place in mind for this editorial type photos. And after everything was ready - we only had to wait a little while for a warm day to shoot. Indeed it was a nice, almost summer weather and the photos came out just right - the way I have envisioned them. I am so happy! I love when the original idea and the final result come together.

Model photography - Editorial portrait of Ludmila Modeling portfolios - Ludmila's stylized portrait
Photo studios - Spring fashion shoot in Stamford, CT
Photographic portraits - Rustic chic
Photography studios - Model with ranunculus Portrait photo - Model Photography in Stamford,CT
Professional portrait photographer - Style and Fashion photography in CT
Photographic portraits - Editorial photography
Model photography - Clothing line photography in CT
Photographic portraits - Fashion photoshoot in Stamford Glamour photographer - Stylish photography of Ludmila
Professional editorial photography - Flowers in the basket

Makeup by Maria Lopez. Styling and Photography by Irina Danielyan.

© 2008 Art Vision Studio