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Ludmila fashion photo shoot

Though the spring fashion photo shoot - Rustic Chic was the main theme of the day, we took some other series too. I just thought that I won't mix them all together and that is why I am writing this separate entry.

Photography studio - Model with daffodils
Editorial Photography - Ludmila learning accounting
Photography posing - Ludmila's portait
Modeling portfolios - Editorial Photography in Stamford,CT
Professional portraits - Editorial photography in CT
Model portfolios - Editorial photography in Connecticut and NY Tri-State area
Professional photo studios - Fashion Photography
Portrait photographer - Stylized portraiture session
Professional photographer - Spring fashion shoot in CT
Photographs portraits - Model photography in Fairfield, CT
Model portfolios - Portraiture Photography in Stamford

I usually have many ideas for the same person and so we did this other look too.

Style and fashion photography in New York Tri-State area

And this one photo I called La Parisienne ... I don’t know but something about the softness of this image, the colors and my model's face expression is screaming Paris to me! But this might be just my own perception.

Photo studios - La Parisienne
Photographic portraits - Clothing line photography, CT
Model photography in CT
Professional model photography
Portrait photographers in Connecticut
Fashion style photography in NY Tri-State area
Professional photographer in CT - Fashion Photography
Photo portfolios - Fashion Photography
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