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Wedding photography posing

Lately and very often I am being asked by many couples how to pose for the romantic wedding photography session? After all formal group shots are done and the couple wants something special, to bring back the memories of their wedding day and with the look of a magazine cover, many of them encounter this problem of posing.

So I have decided to help them out and write this and illustrate it with one of my latest sessions.

- First of all, when getting ready for a photo shoot, spend some time on browsing fashion or wedding magazines that can become a good source of inspiration. Memorize some of the photography poses and try them.

- Bring emotions to the photo shoot and act natural. Even craziest photography poses ideas can incorporate into a great fun shot. Don't try to look serious on the photos, relax and enjoy the session!

Getting emotional - showing off the rings!
Wedding photography posing - Having fun
Bridal portrait poses - Jumping

Photography posing - Very surprised

- Use the surrounding locations creatively - you might find so many props around that you would have never thought of.

Wedding photography poses - With the bike Wedding photography poses ideas - Posing with the car meeter

Bridal portrait poses - More props for wedding photography

Creative posing - With the doggie Posing for wedding photography

- Like actors, play a role when posing, don't just look and smile into camera like in the high school photo.

Engagement poses - Crossing the street

Funny photography poses Posing for the wedding photosession - Reading

Wedding poses - At farmers market Photography poses - Telling a secret

- Flirt with the camera, don't be afraid of bringing some sexuality to the shoot, be sensual.

Posing on the bridge
Posing for wedding photography - Very sensual

- Some of the traditional wedding photography poses look the best when you have a beautiful backdrop. So don't neglect the background!

Traditional wedding pose and a great background Traditional wedding pose

Wedding photo poses ideas - On a bench

Posing on a bridge for a wedding session
A wedding couple on a bridge posing
Posing for a wedding photoshoot
Wedding poses - After wedding photo session
Using the background!
Romantic posing and the background

A wedding couple posing on a bridge

If you care about good wedding pictures, then on your wedding day set aside one to two hours just for the photography itself. Have your wedding party go and enjoy some snacks and drinks while we create some magic!

If that is not possible on the actual wedding day then I would strongly recommend you to book an after wedding session with your photographer. It doesn't have to be on the next day of the wedding, as a matter of fact it can be days and even months after the wedding depending on your and your professional wedding photographer's schedule and availability. But this session will give you a lot of freedom in terms of the location and time. You can schedule it at the time of the day when the light is the best, you can choose multiple locations to shoot at and the most important thing you will be more relaxed and posing will be much easier!

Creative wedding photosession - On the bridge
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