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Sergey and Nataliya Wedding Session, 08/24/2008

One of the reasons I really like doing after wedding photo sessions is that it usually allows more flexibility. More time, better locations and no always pushing relatives. The couple usually is more relaxed and easier focusing on the shoot. However that wasn't a problem for this couple. These guys were incredible models. I didn't have to tell them what to do or how to pose, they did it all- I only had to be there to push the button to document it.

Beach wedding photography - Nataliya and Sergey wedding

Professional wedding photography - Stamford beach

CT wedding photographer - Happy couple

Beach wedding photography - Stamford beach

Elegant photography - Stamford beach

Isn't she just a gorgeous bride?

Bridal portrait - Gorgeous Bride

Wedding photojournalists - Newly weds

Bridal photographer - Gorgeous Bride

The favorite photo of the day!

Outdoor wedding photography - Favorite wedding photo

We all enjoyed the photoshoot that day a lot...

Engagement photographer - Stamford Beach, CT Affordable wedding photography - Photoshoot on the beach

Photography poses - Groom and Bride

Wedding photojournalists - Wedding on the beach

Wedding photography poses - The Stamford Harbour

Creative wedding photographer - Nataliya and Sergey wedding

Budget wedding photography - Nataliya and Sergey wedding photosession

Unique wedding photography - Nataliya the Bride

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